Avacado Whipped Soap Scrub

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Let me tell ya about my best friend 😘🤪

This is my handmade whipped soap scrub.
It’s a 3 in 1 cleanser, that is used as a soap, scrub and the best part- a shave cream!
With the consistency of a shave cream, it lathers, bubbles, and suds up like a soap, giving it the ultimate clean feeling that soap should do. Mixed in with gentle exfoliating to scrub away dead skin, and bring your skin back to life to make it shine. When shaved with these it has proven to cut shaves between shaves down, and a smoother, softer finish!

The best part, I’m not mad if you make this your best friend too. Buy it! Try it! Fall in love with it!

 I carry this product in many scents!! Which one will be your best friend 😘🤪